Christmas Shopping

by grumpydoc

hristmas ShoppingI’ve done it — the Christmas shopping that is — and it was just as bad as anticipated. My main aim of buying an iPod nano was frustrated by by all the other idiots who were ahead of me — the bastards! Thus a highly focussed shopping expedition became an exercise in damage limitation and, whilst there was one iPod 60Gb left, there was no way I was spending that amount of money on a speculative present. A quick dash around various shops for multiple, smaller presents and job done until next year, but the experience has left my blood pressure at dangerous levels.

Shop assistants don’t improve do they? At one counter I was queueing and observed this particular species of incompetence at work. One assistant was so slow I wondered if he was on maximal antipsychotic medication while his colleague stood and chatted on the phone to a friend from what I could hear of the conversation. Fifteen minutes later, three customers served by Mr Retard and Mr Chatty still hadn’t deigned to grace us poor mugs with his services.

Still, as I said, job done and I’m now home with only the wrapping to do, a stiff gin and tonic by my side. I’ve promised myself to not leave it so late next year, just as I did twelve months ago.