The BBC And Israel

by grumpydoc

The current conflict between Hezbollah and Israel in South Lebanon is best summed up by the Pedant General in Ordinary at Infinitives Unsplit:

War is shit. People get killed. Stuff gets destroyed. That’s the deal. The question is how to stop it and to do that we have to look at what each side wants. Broadly Israel wants to exist within internationally agreed borders – it spends a great deal of time saying so. By contrast, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran are quite clear that they want to wipe Israel off the map…

If only the BBC was so forthright and accurate. The last few weeks have been a goldmine for BBC News, allowing comprehensive coverage of the decades-long war between the State of Israel and its Muslim neighbours in the BBC’s bien pensant style. The current proxy war between Israel and Iran/Syria — as manifested in South Lebanon — is between a legitimate and democratic state and Muslim, totalitarian regimes.

From its coverage, one can assume the BBC is hoping that Israel will lose the current conflict aided by its reporting pushing the spurious editorial line that Israel is committing war crimes, something even Mrs Grumpydoc has noticed. The reality is somewhat different as the Pedant General in one of his latest posts, The world’s a sea of “shit”, admirably explains.