Was I Wrong?

by grumpydoc

Yesterday I wrote about the alleged terrorists who had been arrested as follows:

We all know, even before there have been any official statement and despite the ‘careful language’, that these are Muslims, probably second- or third-generation Asians and unlikely to have been poor or oppressed, just anti-British and anti-democracy.

It seems that, apart from possibly two converts to Islam, I am correct. Twenty four people are in custody and nineteen have had their assets frozen, their names appearing on the Bank of England website as reported by the BBC. A quick glance will confirm the origin of these alleged terrorists: three named Ali, three named Hussain, two named Khan, and an Islam notable amongst the rest. Not a Smith, Jones or Bloggs amongst them. These are Muslims. Reports this lunchtime are that one is a biochemist, another is aged seventeen and a third one works at Heathrow. One of the white converts to Islam was educated at Grammar school, hardly poor or oppressed.

At some point the usual platitiudes will be served up to us by the Left, the BBC and Muslim ‘community leaders’: these people ‘are not true Muslims’ or that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. To both all one can say is “Rubbish!”

It will become apparent that these alleged terrorists — if anything — are too religious, probably devout Muslims well-versed in the Koran and respected by their peers. It will be apparent that with increasing Islamic religiosity comes increasing fundamentalism and a propensity to terrorism. These suspects will be found to have considered themselves as devout Muslims and who are we to disagree?

Islam means submission, not peace, and is the common thread in all major terrorist atrocities of the last few years yet we will see politicians and ‘community leaders’ urging restraint and tolerance upon our indiginous population: it’s not us who need to be tolerant and restrained.

I’m not wrong.