The Language of Terrorism

by grumpydoc

Dr Imran Wahid

On Newsnight last night — the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme — Kirsty Wark interviewed Dr Imran Wahid, spokesman for the Islamist political party Hizb ut-Tahrir, and Haras Rafiq from the Sufi Muslim Council. Tony Blair had stated in a press conference on 5 August 2005, following the London bombings, that “we will proscribe Hizb-ut-Tahira [sic] and the successor organisation of Al Mujahiroun”, but this nasty, terrorist-supporting party still has free reign in this country.

Last night’s interview was the inevitable discussion into the ‘root causes’ and motivations of ‘British-born’ Muslims planning and committing terrorist atrocities and, while Mr Rafiq seemed to talk a great deal of sense, Dr Wahid did not fail to disappoint. When asked about such motivations Dr Wahid replied with, “…people who use political violence, usually there is a political grievance.”

So terrorism has now been sanitised to become ‘political violence’, denying the horror of violent death through mass murder. Let’s be clear, what’s being alleged is that Muslim terrorists, born in this country, have conspired to take international flights and deliberately detonate bombs, thus murdering hundreds of innocents with each act. That’s the reality of what Dr Wahid, a supporter of Islamic terrorism, describes as ‘political violence’.