‘Religion of Peace’ Mantra

by grumpydoc

The last few days have seen less of the ‘Islam is the religion of peace’ mantra than after the London bombings last year, for which one must be grateful. Violence is a common response of devout Muslims to any criticism of Islam — remember those Danish cartoons or the Salman Rushdie fatwa — and the continuing, decades-long clash between Israel, neighbouring Arab states and Palestinian terrorists provides ample self-justification for Muslim suicide bombers to blow themselves up along with a captive audience.

Several years ago, I read a study of cancer cases that were found to be clustering around nuclear installations and one of the conclusions of the paper was, that as radioactive discharges could not have caused the observed number of malignancy cases according to the accepted aetiological model, some other agent must have been the cause of the problem. This conclusion was fine as long as the accepted model was correct, but what if there were double, triple or even higher multiples of malignancy? Either the accepted model was wrong or some other, associated agent might have been implicated.

It’s the same with Muslim terrorism and the ‘religion of peace’ mantra. The mantra is the model that Muslims and the bien pensant multi-culturalists want us to accept, but experience and the increasing incidence of terrorist and potential terrorist outrages are showing us that the ‘accepted model’ of Muslim behaviour is wrong. Muslim suicide bombers and Muslim terrorist groups generally are composed of devout Muslims.