The British Muslim ‘Problem’

by grumpydoc

Abu Hamza Leading Prayers Outside Finsbury Park Mosque

Stephen Schwartz, Executive Director of The Center for Islamic Pluralism and himself a Muslim, wrote an article published in the Spectator last week:

Simply put, a million or more Sunnis of Pakistani background, who comprise the main element among British Asian Muslims, also include the largest contingent of radical Muslims in Europe. Their jihadist sympathies embody an imported ideology, organised through mosques and other religious institutions, rather than a ‘homegrown’ phenomenon, as the cliché would have it.

On the role of Islamic clerics, he writes:

Imported Muslim clerics are the basis of the threat. Islam in the UK is overwhelmingly influenced by imams and other religious officials born in Pakistan and trained in that country or in Saudi Arabia. Pakistani Sunni mosques in Britain are major centres for jihadist preaching, finance, incitement and recruitment.

He describes the British Government’s response to this threat as follows:

Unfortunately, the Blair government, notwithstanding its support for the US administration of George W. Bush, seems to be completely paralysed when dealing with this matter.

The article is informative and worth a read and, whilst reading, remember this problem is self-inflicted through the policy of allowing mass immigration and exacerbated by multi-culturism.