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It can only get worse

Month: September, 2010


The Oxford English Dictionary Second Edition’s (1989) first definitions for twitter as a noun or verb are:

  • Noun: A condition of twittering or tremulous excitement (from eager desire, fear, etc.); a state of agitation; a flutter, a tremble. Now chiefly dialect.
  • Verb: Of a bird: To utter a succession of light tremulous notes; to chirp continuously with a tremulous effect.

Although I’m sure the social networking and micro-blogging website Twitter will soon come to supplant these avian-linked definitions.

What is it about Twitter that I despise? I think it’s the sheer banality of the vast majority of its output — who cares what someone else is doing ‘right now’. I don’t and anyone with a modicum of sense wouldn’t either.

If you are one of the faceless majority, neither rich or famous, then I hate to break it to you but you really don’t matter that much. If you are rich or famous then the less publicity for you the better.

The best thing to do is avoid it — and Facebook — like the plague. I have and feel so much better for it: I know my true worth.


A Return To Blogging?

Whilst reading through my routine daily blogs that I subscribe to, I remembered this blog and wondered if it still existed — obviously it did. What was more amazing was that I remembered my login so hence this test post. The bile has accumulated over the last few years spent away from blogging so I might give it another try.

One things for sure — the NHS hasn’t got any better. Read the rest of this entry »