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The Islamisation of Britain


The recent ‘disturbances’ in Windsor have been reported by the mainstream media as unprovoked attacks on a local Dairy owned and run by Muslims. This makes little sense and some searching of the news sources on Google leads one to a better appreciation of the reasons for the recent violence. The national newspapers give little space to the underlying problems in this area, the most egregious example being this report from the Guardian:

A Muslim-owned dairy has been targeted by youths over three nights in a campaign of harassment culminating in a petrol bombing, a worker said.

The Medina in Windsor, Berkshire, has suffered at the hands of local youths who have been targeting staff for the past three nights, the unnamed worker claimed.

He said the youths would gather in gangs of up to 30 and throw stones and hurl abuse at staff working at the dairy late at night.

Police have been patrolling the area since Monday when the attacks started, he said.

But on Wednesday night an attacker riding a motorbike threw a home-made petrol bomb at the dairy’s perimeter wall.

So that’s it then, the unwritten theme being one of nasty, racist locals inflicting violence on hard-working Muslims just going about their daily business. Except, of course, it isn’t.

From icBerkshire, however, we can gain a somewhat fuller understanding of the situation. From Pitchforks and a bomb — Windsor’s week of violence the violence started five days ago as follows:

The woman, a secretary from Dedworth who did not want to be named, had gone to check on her 15-year-old son after he had been involved in a previous altercation with men at the dairy.

She said: “Before I had chance to think, there were 20 men coming from the Islamic centre, charging at me and my daughter with pitchforks, baseball bats, lead pipes and blow-torches. One of them hit me on the back of the legs with a lead pipe.

“I told my daughter ‘we have to get out of here otherwise we are going to die’.”

Then the gang allegedly turned on a car now known to belong to the daughter and used pitchforks and other weapons, including a grease gun she later handed to the Express, to smash the car window and body-work.

From this original incident the violence escalated. However, this is not the end of the story as tensions have been present for some time, as clear from the article:

There are accusations that members of staff from Medina Dairy have been intimidating people as they cut through Shirley Avenue from the recreation ground next to St Edward’s Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School.

Lorna Habgood, a mother of two, from Dedworth said: “The security guards from the dairy are aggressive and abusive to mums collecting their kids from school. They won’t let anyone down Shirley avenue because they say it’s their land.”

But why would a Muslim consider public roads — Shirley Avenue and Vale Road — ‘their land’? This passage from the article gives us a clue:

Further anger has erupted over Medina Dairy’s application for an ‘Islamic education and community centre’ in one of their buildings in Shirley Avenue.

Now it seems outrage has hit boiling point with the property already being used as a prayer room without hearing the outcome of the application to use it as one.

One of the principles if Islam is that Islamic law stipulates that Muslims possess by right any land that forms part of the House of Islam and thus we can see the probable motive: the growing Islamisation of the local area leading to increasing confidence in the ‘security guards’ to impose their local version of Islamic control. While I condemn all the violence unreservedly this is what happens when Muslims who, in all liklihood, respect sharia law more than the Law of this land and are allowed to usurp planning laws and local customs.

This seems like a local, unfortunate incident except when viewed in the wider context provided by Patrick Sookhdeo in the Sunday Telegraph article, The day is coming when British Muslims form a state within a state:

‘Islamic clerics do not believe in a society in which Islam is one religion among others in a society ruled by basically non-religious laws. They believe it must be the dominant religion – and it is their aim to achieve this.

“That is why they do not believe in integration. In 1980, the Islamic Council of Europe laid out their strategy for the future – and the fundamental rule was never dilute your presence. That is to say, do not integrate.

“Rather, concentrate Muslim presence in a particular area until you are a majority in that area, so that the institutions of the local community come to reflect Islamic structures. The education system will be Islamic, the shops will serve only halal food, there will be no advertisements showing naked or semi-naked women, and so on.”

That plan, says Dr Sookhdeo, is being followed in Britain. “That is why you are seeing areas which are now almost totally Muslim. The next step will be pushing the Government to recognise sharia law for Muslim communities – which will be backed up by the claim that it is “racist” or “Islamophobic” or “violating the rights of Muslims” to deny them sharia law.

The Windsor riots, along with the Pc Basha affair ealier this week and the call for sharia law to Ruth Kelly earlier this year, are part of a very disturbing but stealthy campaign.


A Disgrace To The Uniform


By now I’m sure you have heard about the case of Pc Alexander Omar Basha who was given special dispensation to be excused guarding the Israeli Embassy after having expressed concerns about the safety of his relatives in Lebanon.

Do you think the officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary behaved in the same way during the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland? Of course not, Basha’s real reason was that he was a Muslim who did not want to carry out his orders. He’s a disgrace to the uniform.

The Islamic Revolution


The Telegraph reports on the problems that the French police are having with Islamic militants in the ghettos:

Radical Muslims in France’s housing estates are waging an undeclared “intifada” against the police, with violent clashes injuring an average of 14 officers each day. As the interior ministry said that nearly 2,500 officers had been wounded this year, a police union declared that its members were “in a state of civil war” with Muslims in the most depressed “banlieue” estates which are heavily populated by unemployed youths of north African origin.

It said the situation was so grave that it had asked the government to provide police with armoured cars to protect officers in the estates, which are becoming no-go zones.

Britain tomorrow will not be spared what is occurring in France today.

The British Muslim ‘Problem’

Abu Hamza Leading Prayers Outside Finsbury Park Mosque

Stephen Schwartz, Executive Director of The Center for Islamic Pluralism and himself a Muslim, wrote an article published in the Spectator last week:

Simply put, a million or more Sunnis of Pakistani background, who comprise the main element among British Asian Muslims, also include the largest contingent of radical Muslims in Europe. Their jihadist sympathies embody an imported ideology, organised through mosques and other religious institutions, rather than a ‘homegrown’ phenomenon, as the cliché would have it.

On the role of Islamic clerics, he writes:

Imported Muslim clerics are the basis of the threat. Islam in the UK is overwhelmingly influenced by imams and other religious officials born in Pakistan and trained in that country or in Saudi Arabia. Pakistani Sunni mosques in Britain are major centres for jihadist preaching, finance, incitement and recruitment.

He describes the British Government’s response to this threat as follows:

Unfortunately, the Blair government, notwithstanding its support for the US administration of George W. Bush, seems to be completely paralysed when dealing with this matter.

The article is informative and worth a read and, whilst reading, remember this problem is self-inflicted through the policy of allowing mass immigration and exacerbated by multi-culturism.

Islamophobia or Common Sense?

Twin Towers

Earlier this month, the ConservativeHome website published a Leftie Lexicon written by Inigo Wilson that lampooned the favourite ‘buzzwords’ of the Left in Britain. Unfortunately, but perhaps predictably, certain Muslims took exception to this entry:

Islamophobic — anyone who objects to having their transport blown up on the way to work.

Palestinians — archetype ‘victims’ no matter how many teenagers they murder in bars and fast food outlets. Never responsible for anything they do — or done in their name — because of ‘root causes’ or ‘legitimate grievances’.

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee — a rather nasty Muslim pressure group — complained to his employer Orange and Mr Wilson was subsequently suspended pending an ‘investigation’. The hypocrisy of Orange can be seen when one realises that Orange sponsors the free-speech group Index on Censorship. Mr Wilson made two mistakes, the first was to blog under his own name and the second was to express what most are thinking in Britain — Lefties and multi-culturists excepted — but are too afraid to say.

Earlier this week, passengers refused to board, and some who had boarded walked off, a flight from Malaga to Manchester because of two ‘suspicious-looking’ men. These two men were described ‘to be of Asian or Middle Eastern appearance’, in plain English the passengers were worried that they were Muslim and thus more likely to be terrorists. The flight departed without the two men, undoubtedly to the great relief of the passengers and crew.

Muslims and Leftie multi-culturists will claim both these examples demonstrate Islamophobia, in reality they are just common sense.

Muslim Timing

Mark Steyn on top form:

I believe the old definition of a nanosecond was the gap between a New York traffic light changing to green and the first honk of a driver behind you. Today, the definition of a nanosecond is the gap between a Western terrorist incident and the press release of a Muslim lobby group warning of an impending outbreak of Islamophobia.

The Mask Slips


Yesterday, Muslim leaders met Ruth Kelly to discuss how to combat extremism. The Independent reports:

Muslim leaders have urged Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of State for Communities, to support Islamic family law in Britain to stop youths joining Islamic extremists.

In other words, let’s adopt Sharia Law within Muslim communities — extremist and fundamentalist by any definition — to curb the rise in fundamentalism! Thus the real motives of Muslim ‘community leaders’ are exposed.

That would be the thin end of a very nasty wedge.

Muslim or British?

One feature of the recent mainstream media’s commentary, and that following last year’s London bombings, is surprise and incomprehension that British-born Muslims should identify so strongly with the travails of Muslims globally — feeling the pain of the Ummah — that they are prepared to take up terrorism. From the Pew Global Attitudes Project — Muslims in Europe:

Religion is central to the identity of European Muslims. With the exception of Muslims in France, they tend to identify themselves primarily as Muslim rather than as British, Spanish, or German. In France, Muslims are split almost evenly on this question. The level of Muslim identification in Britain, Spain, and Germany is similar to that in Pakistan, Nigeria, and Jordan, and even higher than levels in Egypt, Turkey, and Indonesia. By contrast the general populations in Western Europe are far more secular in outlook. Roughly six-in-ten in Spain, Germany, and Britain identify primarily with their country rather than their religion, as do more than eight-in-ten in France.

In Britain only 7% of Muslims consider themselves British first while 81% consider themselves Muslim first, this is comparable to Pakistan (8%:87%) and worse than Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and Indonesia. That means 1.2 million British Muslims consider themselves Muslim first. This is the reason for the growth of Islamic terrorism within our country: based within self-supporting and self-reinforcing enclaves, induced by fundamentalist preachers and appeased by a multi-cultural elite.

It is therefore no surprise to find suicide bombers, who have a closer identification to their fellow Muslims in Iran, Lebanon or Gaza than their neighbours, occurring within our midst.

A Letter to Reject

Two days ago, an advert was placed in The Times newspaper — notably signed by three Members of Parliament, three peers and various Muslim religious groups — calling upon the British Prime Minister to change foreign policy to ‘tackle’ terrorism. The text of the advert follows, with thanks to Western Resistance:

Prime Minister,

As British Muslims we urge you to do more to fight against those who target civilans with violence, whenever and wherever that happens.

It is our view that current British government policy risks putting civilians at increased risk both in the UK and abroad.

To combat terror the government has focused extensively on domestic legislation. While some of this will have an impact, the government must not ignore the role of its foreign policy.

The debacle of Iraq and now the failure to do more to secure an immediate end to attacks on civilians in the Middle East not only increases the risk to ordinary people in that region, it is also ammunition to extremists who threaten us all.

We urge the prime minister to redouble his efforts to tackle terror and extremism and change our foreign policy.

Attacking civilians is never justified. This message is a global one. We urge the Prime Minister to redouble his efforts to tackle terror and extremism and change our foreign policy to show the world that we value the lives of civilians wherever they live and whatever their religion.

Such a move would make us all safer.

Sadiq Khan MP, Shahid Malik MP, Mohammed Sarwar MP, Lord Patel of Blackburn, Lord Ahmed of Rotheram, Baroness Uddin, Association of Muslim Schools, British Muslim Forum, Bolton Mosques Council for Community Care, Confederation of Sunni Mosques, Midlands Council for Nigerian Muslim Organisations, Council of Mosques — London & Southern Counties, Council of Mosques — Tower Hamlets, Da’awatul Islam UK & Eire, Federation of Muslim Organisations (Leicestershire), Federation of Students Islamic Societies (FOSIS), Indian Muslim Federation, Islamic Forum Europe, Islamic Society of Britain, Jama’at Ahle Sunnat UK, Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith UK, Jamiat-e-Ulema Britain, Lancashire Council of Mosques, Muslim Association of Britain, Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim Council of Wales, Muslim Doctors and Dentists Associaion, Muslim Parliament, Muslim Solidarity Committee, Muslim Students Society UK & Eire, Muslim Welfare House (London), Muslim Women Society (MWS), Muslim Women’s Association, Northern Ireland Muslim Family Association (NIMFA), Sussex Muslim Society, The Council of European Jamaats, UK Action Committee on Islamic Affars, UK Islamic Mission, UK Turkish Islamic Association, World Federation of KSIMC, World Islamic Misssion, Young Muslim Organisation UK, Young Muslim Sisters (UK), Young Muslims UK

My first reaction was surprise at the number of significant Muslim associations within Britain but with 1.6 million Muslims in this country as of 2001 (Census figures) I shouldn’t have been. MI5 believes up to 400,000 people in Britain are sympathetic to violent ‘jihad’ around the world and that as many as 1,200 — The Enemy Within — are involved in terrorist networks, the vast majority of these are undoubtedly Muslims.

This letter is nothing more than a case of a minority within our country — Muslims account for 2.8% of our population — pressurising the government to change its foreign policy, based upon the implicit threat of further terrorist attacks by disaffected British Muslims. This shows a lack of basic understanding: last year the British population in the general election voted the New Labour government back in to power — foreign policy included. While it is entirely appropriate to lobby the government of the day, either directly or via one’s local MP, any intimation that the desired change needs to occur to avoid terrorism must be firmly rejected.

Unfortunately, the British government, both past and present, has to take some reponsibility for the current situation. Mass immigration, along with the policy of multi-culturism has allowed the development of unassimilated and fundamentalist Islamic communities in London, the West Midlands, Lancashire and Yorkshire. It is within these communities that Islamic preachers such as Omar Bakri Muhammed and Abu Hamza have operated, preaching the fundamentalist Islamic creed to second- and third-generation Pakistani youths. The activities of such preachers were allowed under an unwritten gentleman’s agreement: cause no trouble at home and we’ll allow you to stay and continue to preach. Unfortunately these were no gentlemen.

I expect a significant proprortion of the signatories to this letter are no gentlemen either.