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The CRE’s Commissioners

My prior post on Ruth Kelly and the newly created Commission on Integration and Cohesion led me to wonder about the composition of both this commission’s and the Commission For Racial Equality’s governing body. While the CIC is a fixed-term, advisory body the CRE has legal powers to enforce the 1976 Race Relations Act by investigating, enforcing and taking legal action; with such a statutory organisation on matters pertaining to race, the CRE commissioners’ ethnic composition is of legitimate interest.

The ethnic composition of the UK as of 2001 is available from National Statistics Online:

  • White 92.1%
  • Mixed 1.2%
  • All Asian or Asian British 4.0%
  • All Black or Black British 2.0%
  • Chinese 0.4%
  • Other 0.4%

With 12 commissioners, including the chairman, listed on the CRE‘s website we can make a start; the commissioners’ photos are available here. According to the photos there are six white, three asian and three black commisioners — appointed by the Home Secretary. Of note, both the Chairman and Deputy Chairwoman are black. If one was to appoint commissioners according to the ethnic composition in the general population, for 12 commissioners we get:

  • White — 11 Commissioners
  • Mixed — None
  • All Asian or Asian British — 1 Commissioner (I’m being generous)
  • All Black or Black British — None
  • Chinese — None
  • Other — None

Even if one appoints a commissioner for the ‘mixed’, black and chinese categories, white commissioners would still be in the majority. As it stands, the CRE panders to minorities in the very make-up of its board of commissioners and most senior appointments — as the Home Secretary intended.




Good enough to eat, especially at tea-time but then again there is — and most definitely was — another meaning to the term crumpet, especially in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Shirley Eaton, Madeline Smith, Honor Blackman, Ingrid Pitt, Carol Cleveland, Pans People et al, they all were exemplary pieces of crumpet. Sometimes brash and dominating, sometimes naive and virginal but always scantily dressed and showing acres of cleavage. They were prime crumpet, the portrayal was said to be sexist but the crumpet always triumphed over the foolish and often lecherous middle-aged men in the TV sit-coms and the Carry On films.

Crumpet became adult with the great British sex comedy typified by the Confession Of films starring Robin Askwith and many pneumatic girls, but it was not watcheable with your parents unlike the television of the 1970s; crumpet was in crisis with only Benny Hill playing the bespectacled and lecherous fool. Eventually he was killed by the feminism which triumphed in the 1980s.

The dolly bird of the 1950s and early 1960s blossomed into the crumpet of the late 1960s and 1970s but was killed by political correctness: leaving us with commercial, posh totty but without the naughtiness of the girl-next-door piece of crumpet. Totty remains but is too surgical, botoxed and enhanced but definitely not saucy in the Donald McGill postcard fashion: crumpet was altogether naughty but nicer.

Crumpet? Good enough to eat and just as tasty — phwoar!